Need cheap leads for your biz

Need cheap leads for your biz

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make money from home immediately from the UK and it's now been 30 days since I joined up my lead gen secret and I've now earned more than six thousand dollars in this fantastic little lead generation and business opportunity system and after watching this video you'll see it's going to be possible for you to do exactly the same because this really works

so let me give you first a very quick overview of what we've got here what we've got is by joining my lead gen secret you start to be given 100 free leads every single day and those leads are just dropped into the system for you a system that has a built-in mailing platform allowing you to send an email to 100 prospects every single day

now you can promote anything that you want to these leads but right now I'm promoting the system itself and I'm going to prove to you in a few moments how the system is getting me signups from the emails sent out from the free leads that I'm getting from the system itself so this is very very powerful but what it's about is it's about the numbers and you must understand the email marketing or marketing at all is not about sending a message to maybe a hundred people and expecting to get rich overnight it's about consistency and it's about numbers the bigger the number of prospects that you're sending your message to the more chance you've got of making money and so in

this system when you're getting 100 free emails a day at the end of 30 days you would naturally have 3000 emails that you could be sending a day in other words sending a message a marketing message to 3000 people every single day now if you refer just one person to this business opportunity here to my lead gen secret to use the product and make money as well then the company will start to give you 200 leads per day and referring one to an opportunity like this is very very easy so now let's look at the numbers in 30 days you'd be sending an email to 6000 people in today's you'll be sending it to 12000 in 90 days 18,000 in 120 days you'll be sending that to 24,000 people and when you're sending 24,000 emails per day there is a very high possibility that you are going to get sales on a daily basis

when you're sending an email to 100 or maybe 1000 per day there's obviously a much lower prospect of those those converting to immediate sales but trust me this works and it's a great little system so here you can see at the bottom of the page that we're on you can see I sent an email on the 1st of June I actually have been away for a day so I actually forgot to send an email yesterday but on the 1st of June you can see 843 opened it and 95 people clicked it that's a 14 percent open rate lembeh saying click-through rate great statistics but just because ninety-five clicks doesn't mean anybody made a purchase so let's run through a few things here and show you what else you've got in the system so now you understand the numbers a little bit your leads come into the system here in this Leeds area and here you can see I've been getting 200 leads per day and that goes right the way back to when I joined 30 days ago

you can download these leads by simply clicking the checkbox here so if you want to download these and import them into Aweber or get response or another marketing platform you can do that as well and all of the information about the leads in the system are actually shown to you when you actually browse the leads and we're going to come back to that in a moment we've got master email swipes here this is an optional upsell you can take this if you're not used to writing emails it's good to maybe get these it gives you a good basis to work from to send your emails out but it's optional and you can write your own emails and this entire system by the way

it's just $30 it's an insanely low price and when you consider that I've made more than 6,000 dollars with this in the last 30 days I'm sure you have to agree this is very powerful indeed when you look on the mailing system itself it's very easy you don't need to overthink this you would simply send an e every day to all of the prospects

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